Introducing: the Ultimate Classic Radio Collection

THE ULTIMATE CLASSIC RADIO COLLECTION is exactly what it sounds like! It’s the greatest collection of classic radio ever assembled! This box set contains 400 half-hour classic radio shows (including the most popular) transferred from the original masters and digitally-remastered for superior sound quality. Nearly 200 hours of theater-of-the-mind original radio programming on 200 audio CDs.  You’ll also receive a 60-page historical booklet detailing all 400 radio episodes and the history of each series with hundreds of radio star photos!

Here’s what you get on 200 Audio CDs!

The 21st Precinct (2 episodes)
The Abbott & Costello Show (4 episodes)
The Adventures of Archie Andrews (1 episode)
The Adventures of Ellery Queen (2 episodes)
The Adventures of Frank Race (2 episodes)
The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (2 episodes)
The Adventures of Philip Marlowe (4 episodes)
The Adventures of Red Ryder (2 episodes)
The Adventures of The Saint (2 episodes)
The Adventures of Sam Spade, Detective (4 episodes)
The Aldrich Family (3 episodes)
The Amos ’N’ Andy Show (7 episodes)
Big Town (3 episodes)
The Bing Crosby Show (2 episodes)
The Black Museum (2 episodes)
Blondie (1 episode)
Bold Venture (4 episodes)
Boston Blackie (4 episodes)
Box Thirteen (2 episodes)
Broadway Is My Beat (3 episodes)
The Burns & Allen Show (2 episodes)
Candy Matson, YUkon 2-8209 (2 episodes)
The Cavalcade of America (2 episodes)
The CBS Radio Workshop (3 episodes)
Chandu The Magician (2 episodes)
The Charlie McCarthy Show (2 episodes)
The Cisco Kid (4 episodes)
Cloak and Dagger (2 episodes)
Counterspy (2 episodes)
Crime Classics (2 episodes)
The Damon Runyon Theater (5 episodes)
Dangerous Assignment (2 episodes)
Dimension X (8 episodes)
Dragnet (7 episodes)
Duffy’s Tavern (7 episodes)
Escape (8 episodes)
Family Theater (2 episodes)
Father Knows Best (6 episodes)
Fibber McGee & Molly (5 episodes)
Fort Laramie (6 episodes)
Frontier Gentleman (4 episodes)
Frontier Town (2 episodes)
Gang Busters (2 episodes)
Grand Central Station (1 episode)
The Great Gildersleeve (13 episodes)
The Green Hornet (2 episodes)
Gunsmoke (9 episodes)
The Halls of Ivy (4 episodes)
The Hallmark Playhouse (1 episode)
Have Gun-Will Travel (9 episodes)
I Was a Communist for the FBI (2 episodes)
Inner Sanctum Mystery (4 episodes)
The Jack Benny Program (10 episodes)
Jeff Regan, Investigator (1 episode)
The Kraft Music Hall (4 episodes)
Let George Do It (2 episodes)
The Life of Riley (8 episodes)
Life With Luigi (2 episodes)
Lights Out! (4 episodes)
The Lives of Harry Lime (4 episodes)
Luke Slaughter of Tombstone (2 episodes)
The Lum & Abner Show (4 episodes)
The Man Called X (4 episodes)
The Martin & Lewis Show (5 episodes)
Mr. & Mrs. Blandings (2 episodes)
Mr. & Mrs. North (2 episodes)
Mr. Chameleon (5 episodes)
Mr. District Attorney (2 episodes)
Mr. President (1 episode)
Murder At Midnight (2 episodes)
My Favorite Husband (4 episodes)
Mystery in the Air (2 episodes)
NBC Presents: Short Story (2 episodes)
The New Adventures of Michael Shayne (2 episodes)
The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (5 episodes)
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (6 episodes)
Night Beat (4 episodes)
Our Miss Brooks (10 episodes)
Philco Radio Time (2 episodes)
The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show (2 episodes)
Philo Vance, Detective (6 episodes)
The Red Skelton Show (1 episode)
Richard Diamond, Private Detective (7 episodes)
Rocky Fortune (1 episode)
Rogue’s Gallery (2 episodes)
The Roy Rogers Show (3 episodes)
The Screen Director’s Playhouse (7 episodes)
The Screen Guild Theater (2 episodes)
The Sealed Booklet (4 episodes)
The Six-Shooter (5 episodes)
Somebody Knows (2 episodes)
Space Patrol (2 episodes)
The Spike Jones Show (2 episodes)
Stars Over Hollywood (1 episode)
Straight Arrow (2 episodes)
Strange Wills (2 episodes)
Suspense (19 episodes)
Tales of the Texas Rangers (3 episodes)
This Is Your FBI (2 episodes)
The Weird Circle (4 episodes)
The Whistler (7 episodes)
WHITehall-1212 (4 episodes)
Wild Bill Hickok (2 episodes)
X Minus One (8 episodes)
You Bet Your Life (5 episodes)
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (5 episodes)


1) Pay $399.99. That’s only $1 per half-hour radio episode (which is only $2 per audio CD) and we’ll ship you the entire box set, all 400 radio episodes on 200 audio CDs and the 60-page historical booklet. SHIPPING IS FREE.
2) 3-Pay. Pay $133.33 and we’ll ship you the box, the first 80 radio episodes on 40 audio CDs and the 60-page historical booklet. Then 30 days later, we’ll charge your card another $133.33 and send you the next 160 radio episodes on 80 audio CDs and then 30 days after that, we’ll charge your card the final $133.33 and send you the remaining 160 radio episodes on 80 audio CDs to complete your box set of 400 radio episodes on 200 audio CDs. SHIPPING IS FREE.
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